TOM Speech: Dreams #Toonami

This week we got a speech from TOM and it was about dreams. What do you guys think of the speech. Let us know by commenting below.



TOONAMI | ‘Dreams’ Bumper

Toonami was perhaps one of the biggest deliverymen of anime to the western world. The block showcased some of the most beloved Japanese cartoons of their time: everything from Dragon Ball Z to Hamtaro. It reared a generation of anime fans the world over, being broadcast in North and Latin America, the UK, Australia, and more. The block’s peak eras featured a CGI robot named TOM serving up action shows from all over the world–but some of Japan’s best offerings were the stars. The lineup wasn’t just limited to shows; there were relatively obscure Japanese animated films, and animated music videos in special events. 

The block ended for several years after many changes to the lineup. In 2012, however, Adult Swim brought it (and many of its vintage anime stars) back for a night of April Fools activities. The nostalgia and fun this brought to so many encouraged a revival–one that’s still on every Saturday night, showcasing some of the biggest new names in anime today. 

This was perhaps the most iconic of their specially made bumpers, even being aired during the 2012 April Fools block. In it, the narration weaves a monologue about dreams and destiny, set to clips from various action anime. Ambient music, the kind the block is known for, plays in the background, carrying the mood. A simple promotional message that conveys something a little bit more. It manages to fully convey just why a programming block on Cartoon Network was much more to a generation.

Believe in yourself, and create your own destiny. Don’t fear failure.”


Nodus Tollens: When Your Life Doesn’t Fit Into a Story

What kind of story is this? Just another coming of age tale. The same one your parents told with the names switched around. Is your every day life part of the origin story of something truly epic? 

Actually the reason poetry becomes more important to me the older I get. 

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