Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road

Maximillian “Max” Rockatansky started his apocalyptic adventure as a Main Force Patrol officer who fought for peace on the decaying roads of Australian civilization. Max served as the last line of defense against the reckless marauders terrorizing the roadways, driving a V8 Interceptor. With the world about to crumble, Max said little and paid little awareness to his ever growing reputation as the cop that successfully put away the gangs due to his outstanding, and increasingly ruthless, driving skills. In fact, the audience is introduced to Max as he joins the pursuit of the man calling himself “Nightrider,” the self-proclaimed “fuel-injected suicide machine.” In order to stop Nightrider’s rampage, Max rammed the man’s car at top speed, sending it wheeling out of control, unto total destruction.

Max, as a symbol of civilization, was a very emotional figure whose range soared as high as laughter and comedy with friends and family, right down to fear and depression when he realized he was becoming no better than the ruthless, vicious gangs terrorizing the roads. It is through the eyes of Max Rockatansky that the overall theme of the film series, the Darwinian concept of “survival of the fittest,” is classically illustrated. 


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